Submitting an Artifact in ePortfolio (eP4)

Logging In

1.         Open your Internet browser, and go to

2.         Click on the “LOG-IN” link on the sidebar.

3.         Type your user id and your password and then click on the “ENTER” button.

4.         Click on “WORK,” then “MY PORTFOLIOS.”

5.         Click on the link for the portfolio that you wish to modify. 

Submitting the Artifact through your ePortfolio

Pay careful attention to where the artifact belongs.  For example, the Honor Code Reflection Paper (Entry Level) is listed under “Spiritually Alive,” then “Ethical Behavior,” and then “Honor Code Reflection Paper (Entry Level) (GEN 099).”


1.             Find the main level under which your artifact belongs.  (For example, the Honor Code Reflection Paper goes under the main level of “SPIRITUALLY ALIVE.”)

2.             Find the sublevel under which your artifact belongs.  (For example, the Honor Code Reflection Paper goes under the sublevel of “ETHICAL BEHAVIOR.”) 

3.             Find and click on the link for the specific assignment that you wish to upload.  (For example, for the Honor Code Reflection Paper, you would click on “HONOR CODE REFLECTION PAPER (ENTRY LEVEL) (GEN 099).”

4.             Scroll to the top of the page, and click “UPLOAD ARTIFACT.”

5.             Give your paper a name, then click “UPLOAD FILE.”

6.             Click on the “BROWSE” button (“CHOOSE FILE” on Macs).  A dialog box will open.  Find the item you want to upload and select it by double-clicking on it or by clicking on it once and choosing OPEN in the dialog box.

7.             Your paper will load and save automatically.  When it finishes, click “CLOSE.”

8.             Make sure that your paper appears on the ePortfolio page and that you can open it.

9.             Click on the “SUBMIT” button to submit the page to your instructor.

10.          In the box, begin typing the name of your instructor.

11.          Click on the correct name of your instructor.

12.          Click the “SUBMIT” button.

13.          You should see a message verifying that your artifact was submitted successfully. 

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have successfully uploaded and submitted an artifact!  If you need assistance with an ePortfolio-related issue, please contact the ePortfolio Help Desk ( or x7356).

Have a happy day!


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